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[Beta] Billing Groups Overview

You can use billing groups to help you manage how partner and platform fees are invoiced and paid across your various programs. Each billing group can have a specific funding account associated with it which you can update as needed.


Note: Should you create a new billing group, any previously processed payments and invoices will remain in the associated billing group and will not be moved to the new billing group; only upcoming payments and invoices will be allocated to the new billing group.


  • You must have more than one program.

  • You need separate invoices or you need to fund each program from different funding accounts to invoice costs from different programs separately.

Key features

The billing group feature allows you to do the following:

  • Create and edit multiple billing groups by assigning which programs' costs are to be associated with each group.

  • Create a funding account for each billing group (that can also be used to fund other billing groups).

  • Manage document settings for each billing group.

  • Filter partner invoices by billing group.

Current limitations

The following functionality is not possible when using multiple billing groups and funding accounts:

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