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Fuel Tank Rewards Explained

The fuel tank feature is a streamlined way of handing out rewards using unique coupon codes. Your program participants can redeem these codes for rewards, including discounts, credits and other reward types.

Coupon codes can be added, deleted or managed through your account — see Set Up a Fuel Tank Reward for guidance on this. You can also track which coupon has been given to which program participant, and cancel their reward if needed.

Clients supply the coupon codes for the fuel tank. You can either create these codes on your own, or use your existing ecommerce or billing platform to create them for you. Many major ecommerce and billing platforms—including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and Recurly—can generate codes in bulk and will allow you to export them.

Fuel tank rewards can be incorporated into instant access widgets, verified access widgets and microsites.


Participant experience

Coupon codes can be incorporated into your program’s widget or microsite, and used to reward your participants and any friends they refer.

Customer advocates typically earn rewards when a referral they’ve made converts. After a successful conversion, the advocate is automatically notified via email. Then, they receive a unique coupon code that they can redeem for a reward.

For referred friends, the code is typically intended to be used during their initial checkout. You can set up a friend widget that shows the discount code within your program’s landing page, or during checkout to ensure the referred friend receives their reward at the correct time.

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