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Why Was My Order Not Tracked?

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From time to time actions and orders that you drive for a Brand do not immediately appear in the platform. In this article we will look to answer these questions:

  1. Where is my action?

  2. What should I do if I drove an action but it is not displaying?

Where is my action?

Delays in tracking

Depending on how a Brand uploads tracked actions to, there might be a slight delay from when an action occurs to when you'll see it live in Brands can choose to track actions you drive either automatically or manually.

Any actions tracked automatically have a 2+ hour delay from when the action is completed to when it will appear on your account dashboard.

For any actions tracked manually, relies on the Brand’s team to upload the actions to the platform. Since this is a manual process, delays can be expected here. If your brand manually uploads tracked actions, contact them to find out their upload cadence.

Reversed actions

Actions can also be reversed by the brand, making the action ineligible for payout and moving it to another area in Learn how to view any reversed actions. Your partnered brand can reverse actions for various reasons, like the product being returned, the credit card used to purchase the product not clearing, and others. If you find that your partnered brand incorrectly reversed an action, submit an action inquiry to the brand.

Outside of terms actions

Sometimes, you can drive an action that is actually outside the terms of your contract with that brand. In that case, these actions will by default not be payable and can be found in another area in Learn how to view outside of terms actions.

What should I do if I drove an action but it is not displaying?

If an action occurs but doesn’t appear on the platform within 48 hours, reach out directly to the Brand as they may be making use of a manual uploading process. Please include an Order ID and any order information that you have available when contacting the brand. If you are a loyalty or cashback partner, create an action inquiry.

Learn how to contact a brand. has the same view of actions that you do, as your partnered brand is responsible for uploading its actions to the platform.

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