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Manage Technical Settings

You can manage advanced settings for your account. If you are unsure about how you want these settings set up, contact support.

Manage technical settings

  1. From the left navigation bar, select ellipsis-v-solid.svg [Menu] → Settings.

  2. On the left, under Technical, select any of the technical settings.

  3. From the top navigation bar, select what setting you want to manage.



    Data Feeds

    Manage your action feed. You can retrieve reports about new and existing actions linked to your account.

    API Access

    Retrieve your Impact REST API details, like your account SID (Security Identifier).

    Event Notification Postbacks

    Manage event notification postbacks. You can synchronize Impact's postback data with a third-party tracker.

    Cross Program Tracking

    Toggle cross-program tracking permissions. This is integral if you have more than one program with and they are directly interacting with each other, such as a particular partner of yours driving traffic to more than one program at a time.

    Container Tag

    Place the javascript code found here into your tag manager or onto every page of your website. Impact tracking tags, like the Universal Tracking Tag will not load without this container tag.

    File FTP Submissions

    View recent FTP file submissions. Check the Status column to find if batch submissions were stored successfully.

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