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Manage Your Company Information on the Mobile App

Your user profile holds information about your account, such as general settings and account details. You can find your company information under Account Details. Some of your company information appears in your Marketplace listing, to offer brands details about your business and to provide contact details for internal purposes.

View your company information

This is the information that you provided when setting up your partner account. You cannot make edits to this information within the mobile app. If you left a field empty when creating your account, it will display "No results".

  1. In the upper-left corner, select your profile icon.

  2. Select Account Details.

  3. Use the navigation bar below your account name to toggle between information categories.

    • See the references below for more information on each category.

General reference




The URL of your website.

Phone Number

The number with which you can be reached during work hours.

Alternative Phone Number

A second phone number that you can be reached by should the primary number fail.

Minimum Contact Rating

The lowest rating that can be assigned to the partner's conversation — used for internal purposes.


The timezone that all dates and times are set to in your account.


The currency that you selected in your application. This cannot be changed.

Registered for Indirect Tax

This will say Yes/No depending on what you selected during your application.

Organization Type

Your organization type as stated in your account creation. This can be 1 of 7 options: Non-profit/government, Corporation, Individual/Sole proprietor, Partnership, LLC/LLP/LLS, Trust, or Other.

EinSsnForeign Tax Id

Depending on what you input during your account creation, this will display your Employer Identification Number external-link-alt-solid.svg (EIN), Social Security Number (SSN), Foreign Tax ID external-link-alt-solid.svg, or "n/a".

Address reference



Corporate Address

Your business's mailing address.

Billing Address

Your business's billing address.

Contact reference



Financial Contact

This person is your company's point of contact for financial matters. They handle finance-related concerns, such as payments or invoices.

Technical Contact

This person is your company's point of contact for technological concerns. They handle the technology implementation for your business.

Commercial Contact

This person is your company's point of contact for business dealings. They handle legal issues, contracts, and anything business-related.

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