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Manage Tasks

In your Performance account, you can use the Tasks system to create assignable tasks for both your partners and your colleagues in your account. Learn how to view the tasks modal, create new tasks, update existing tasks, and leave comments on tasks.

Don't see this feature? Reach out to your account manager about updating your account permissions to view or manage tasks.

Open tasks

To open the tasks modal, select the Tasks icon on the navigation bar. The tasks modal will appear in the bottom right corner.


In the upper right corner of the modal, select View All to view the Tasks screen.

Add tasks

In the bottom right corner of the tasks modal, select Add Task.


Select Add to create this task and view it in the tasks modal.

Assign To*

Tasks can be assigned to Partners or your team members on your Advertiser account. When you select a Partner account, you can use the second drop-down to select a specific member for that Partner account, or leave it blank to assign the task to anyone with access to the Partner account.

Task Type*

Use the drop-down menu to select the task type. If check-square-solid__2_.svg [Checked box] Task requires approval is selected, you'll need to manually approve it when the assignee marks it as Complete. If this option isn't selected, a task will automatically be Approved once the assignee marks the task as Completed.


Include a short summary of what this task is—think of it as the task’s title.


Add a description for this task that includes all relevant details. Select Attach to attach files. Supported files are JPG, PNG, DOC, MP4, MOV, PPT, SAZ, XLSX, ZIP with no size limits.


Use the calendar modal to choose a due date and time of day. Select check-square-solid__2_.svg [Checked box] Mark as urgent to signify to the assignee that this task is considered urgent.

Action a task item

You can action tasks that have been assigned to you via the tasks modal, or on the Tasks screen.



Marks the task as In Progress.


Marks the task as Invalid. Task reporters and the assignee can comment on the task to discuss why it's invalid.


Marks the task as duplicate. Assigners and assignees can comment on the task to discuss why it’s considered a duplicate.


Marks the task as blocked. Assigners and assignees can comment on the task to discuss why they’re unable to complete the task.


Marks the task as rejected. Assigners and assignees can comment on the task to discuss why it was rejected.


Marks the task as completed. The assignee must have already selected Start on the task in order to mark it completed. Tasks that don't require approval will automatically have an Approved status when marked as completed.


Deletes the task. Only assigners can delete tasks that they’ve created.


Archives the task. Only available on tasks that have been completed.


Reopens a task that was moved from In Progress to any other status mentioned above.

Update tasks

Comment on tasks

You can comment on tasks to indicate progress, ask questions, and attach additional files. You do not need to be assigned the task to comment on it.



If you're attaching a file, you must also submit a comment (e.g., "See attached").

Open the Tasks modal, then select a task to view its details. Use the Write a comment… text box at the bottom to add a comment. Previous comments will appear as a dialogue within the task view.

Reassign tasks

You can also update the task's assignee if you have the Manage Tasks account permission.


Open the Tasks modal, then select the pencil-alt-solid.svg [Edit] next to Assignee. Choose the account from which the new assignee will be selected, then select the new assignee. Finally, select check-solid.svg [Check] to finish reassigning the task.

Task notifications

When you are assigned a task, or an event occurs on a task you've created (or assigned to), you can configure Impact to send you a notification. Learn more about account notification settings.


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