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The Product Marketplace is a brand discovery tool that allows partners to discover and apply to new brands via the products that the brands have on offer. As a partner, you can:

  • Explore collections of different products (e.g. apparel & accessories, electronics, home & decor, etc.) curated by

  • Browse through all products on the platform—regardless of your relationship with the brands that offer the products.

  • Apply to brands through the product marketplace.

Search and filter for specific products

In the Product Marketplace, you can perform keyword searches and access a range of filters to assist in your search for specific kinds of products.

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, select compass-regular.svg Discover.

  2. From the tabs at the top of the Discover screen, select Products.

  3. Select one of the product collections.

  4. Use the search-solid.svg [Search] field to search for products by keyword, and use the sliders-h-solid.svg [Filter] to refine the list of products shown.

    • The search and filter features are located at the top of your screen.

    • See the Filter reference below to learn more about the filter options available.

Filter reference



Sort by

Relevance - sort by how similar the products are to your search terms or filters (from most similar to least similar).

Price Ascending - sort products from least to most expensive.

Price Descending - sort products from most to least expensive.

Discount Percentage - sort product list from highest to lowest percentage discount, compared to original selling price.


The product marketplace category to which the product belongs, e.g., Apparel & Accessories.

This corresponds with the category provided in the product detail. See the Learn more about a product section to learn more.

Top Manufacturers

The name of the product's manufacturer, e.g., ACME Inc.

This filter appears after you've selected a category or program.


The program to which the products belong. Select a program to show products associated with that program.

If you filter by program you can further drill down to select a product group.

You can only filter by 1 program and product group at a time.

Relationship indicator

My Brands - only show products from brands with which you are partnered.

Pre-Qualified - all products from brands with which you are pre-qualified to work.

Other Brands - only show products from brands you are not yet partnered with.

Learn more about a product

Once you find a product that you want to promote or learn more about, you can select the product icon to see more information about the product. The table below provides more detail on the information you can find here.

Product detail reference

Product Detail


General product info

The name of the product, its price, and its description.

Est Payout

What you can earn for driving a sale of this product.


The percentage value of the sale amount you could earn for driving a sale of the product.


View the earnings per click (EPC) that you will accrue when promoting this product if the brand pays per click.

Conversion Rate

This is the percentage of clicks that result in conversions for this product.


Whether the product is currently in stock.

Last Updated

The date on which the product details were last edited.


The product marketplace category to which the product belongs. This corresponds with the categories used to Search and filter for specific products.


The name and link of the program to which the product belongs.


The name of this product's manufacturer. If this field is a link, you can select it to view more products by this manufacturer.


The product's stock-keeping unit (SKU). This is a unique ID to help you identify a specific product.

Landing Page

A link to the product's web page.


The tags with which the product is associated.

GTIN Number

The product's Global Trade Item Number external-link-alt-solid.svg.

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