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Manage Tasks as a Partner

Certain brands that you’re partnered with on may use the Task Management system to assign tasks to you. You can view the tasks assigned to you on your dashboard and the Tasks screen.

On your dashboard, you can select a Task to view it or select View All to see the Tasks screen:


On the Tasks screen, you can use the filters at the top of the screen to view specific groups of tasks (e.g., specific Types, Status, or Program):

Action an assigned task
  1. Select a task to view it.

  2. Select caret-down-solid.svg [Dropdown-menu] on the Tasks screen to view available actions. You can't action tasks that are assigned to another account user:


Task Action



Changes the task’s status from New to In Progress and lets the brand know you've started work on this task. If the task is assigned to Anyone, it will be assigned to you if you select Start.


Marks the task as Blocked, and lets the brand know you're blocked on the task. You can comment on the task explaining to the brand why you're blocked.


Marks the task as Invalid. You can comment on the task to tell the brand why you're considering the task invalid.


Marks the task as Duplicate. You can comment on the task to tell the brand why you're considering the task a duplicate.


Marks the task as completed.


Archives the task. Only tasks that have been marked as Approved can be archived.

Note: If you select Start on a task assigned to Anyone, the task will be assigned to you.

Comment on tasks

You can comment on tasks to indicate progress, ask questions, and attach additional files. You do not need to be the task's assignee to comment on a task.

Open the Tasks modal, then select a task to view its details. Use the Write a comment… text box at the bottom to add a comment. Previous comments will appear as a dialogue within the task view:


Note: If you attach a file, you must also submit a comment (e.g., "See attached").

Configure task notifications

When you are assigned a task or an event occurs on a task you've created (or are assigned to), you can configure to send you a notification. Learn more about account notification settings.


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