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Set Up a Leaderboard

Leaderboards rank your program participants alongside others to incentivize them to complete program objectives and encourage competition for the top ranks. You can add a leaderboard to your verified access widget or microsite and customize it like other components.

Leaderboards can be configured in a variety of ways to best suit the goals of your program. For more information on the different options, see Leaderboards Explained.

Step 1: Get leaderboards enabled
This feature is only accessible to specific editions or add-ons. Contact us to upgrade your account and get access!

Before you can begin setting up leaderboards, you'll need to reach out to your CSM or create a support ticket to have the Leaderboards feature enabled for your program.

Step 2: Add leaderboard to widget or microsite
  1. Navigate to your widget or microsite by selecting engage-icon__v69b8313.svg [Engage] → Content → Edit widgets or Edit content.

  2. Select the widget or microsite page you want to edit.

  3. From the right sidebar menu, expand the Leaderboard component.

    • If you do not see the Leaderboard component, you'll first need to install a Mint Components package:

      Install Mint Components for widget
      1. From the left sidebar menu, select Packages → Add package.

      2. On the Mint Components card, select Add.

      3. You should now be able to expand the Leaderboard component in the right sidebar menu.

      Install Mint Components for microsite

      1. Return to the Content screen by selecting Content in your left navigation bar or your top menu.

      2. On the Microsite card, select Edit settings.

      3. Scroll until you see the Packages field, then select Add package.

      4. On the Mint Components card, select Add.

      5. Select Save config and return to the editor.

  4. Select Leaderboard.

  5. Select the blue Add to button on the canvas where you want the component to appear.

Step 3: Customize leaderboard
  1. On your canvas, select the leaderboard component you want to edit.

  2. Use the options in the Edit tab of the right sidebar menu to change the leaderboard properties.

    • If you want to insert a link into a text component, you can do so by selecting 9021257_brackets_angle_bold_geometry_icon__1_.svg [Code view] and editing the widget or microsite’s HTML.

  3. Select Save Draft when you're done.

Edit fields reference



Unknown user text

Enter the default display name for users without names, e.g., Anonymous User.

Hide viewing user

Toggle on to make the viewing participant's row hidden if they don't fall among the top displayed ranks.

Leaderboard time interval

Enter a start and end date for which you want to view leaderboard results, in the form mm/dd/yyyy.

Leaderboard type

Select the scoring system you want to use. For more information on the scoring systems available, see Leaderboards Explained.

Maximum rows number

Enter the maximum number of rows to be displayed on the leaderboard.


Select a program to limit leaderboard results to participants in that program. To view results globally across all programs, don't select a program.

Rank type

For more information on the types of ranking systems available, see Leaderboards Explained.

Rank column heading

Enter the column name you want displayed for the Rank column.

Show leaderboard rank

toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] if you want the leaderboard to display the Rank column.

Stats column heading

Enter the column name you want displayed for the column containing participant scores.

User column heading

Enter the column name you want displayed for the column containing participant names.

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