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Conversion Retraction Explained

If a referred friend buys an item, but then returns it, you’ll want to retract the conversion. Learn how to set this up in this article.

Set up your program for conversion retraction

  1. From the left navigation, select Program Rules.

  2. Create a new goal and select Retraction as an action type. Refer to step 2 of Configure Your Advocate Program to learn how to create a goal.

  3. Under Retraction Type, select Conversion Retraction.

  4. Select Save.

    • Now, when a qualifying purchase triggers a conversion but a refund is made, the program rules will retract the conversion. Note that referral conversion can only be retracted within 30 days of conversion.



  1. Hazel Nutt refers Carrie Oakey.

  2. The referral will only convert after Carrie Oakey makes a purchase over $1000, because of how the program has been set up.

  3. Carrie Oakey makes a $1100 purchase and both sides of the referral are rewarded.

  4. Later, Carrie Oakey refunds their purchase.

  5. retracts the conversion and the referral won’t be included in the billing.

Edit 'first time only' re-conversion

If your program goal is set to trigger only the first time it's achieved, when a participant converts and conversion retraction takes place, they won’t pass the first-time check if they are referred again later.

You can edit the goal condition to allow users to be rewarded on re-conversion. This can be done via the JSONata editor in the program rules. The following expression can be used in the JSONata editor during program setup for the second referral, if the first is retracted, to be rewarded under the ‘first time only’ program:

goal.isFirstTime = true or $not(user.referredByReferral.dateConverted) ? true

The mutation used for retraction is retractReferralConversion.

Track conversion retraction metrics

When a conversion is retracted, it will no longer be counted towards the following metrics:

  • Converted Referrals

  • Referred Conversions

  • Successful Referrers

Also, when a conversion is retracted, the status of the referral reverts to Started, and will display the date of the retraction.

Retracted referrals will appear in your Referral Feed.

  • From the left navigation, select Reporting → Referral Feed.

An example of a Referral feed could look like this:


Retracted referrals will also appear on the customer advocate's participant profile. Learn more about the Advocate Participant Profile.

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