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Understand the Action Life Cycle & Finance

An action is a conversion (such as a sale, or a lead) that's been tracked by and credited to one or more of your partners. Actions follow a “life cycle” — they begin as new, pending actions, and usually end as a locked action with a scheduled payout to the partner that is attributed credit for the conversion.

As part of the action life cycle, certain financial implications may apply — your account funding needs to be up-to-date and prepared for payout obligations sourced from locked actions.

Action life cycle overview

  • When a conversion is tracked and credited to a partner, it becomes a Pending action.

  • Pending actions can be modified or reversed before the Locking Date. After this date they become Approved Actions (or Locked Actions).

  • Approved actions finalize the commission amount due, which is delivered on the Scheduled Clearing Date.

  • After the clearing date passes, the action will appear on the next partner invoice (usually on the 1st of the month, unless a custom GAAP month is used).


When you submit orders to long after they happened, will set the Event Date to the date and time you submitted the action. Locking and Clearing Schedules will run according to the newly-assigned Event Date. Any payouts, adjustments, and payout group rules for these conversions are determined by your active contract with the partner.

Action status & finance

Below are the different statuses a particular action can appear with in the Action Listing report, along with a correlated finance status.

Action Status

Finance "Status"



Action Cost estimated

When an action is pending, it can still be modified (or reversed). Pending actions have an estimated Action Cost column in the Action Listing report. If the action does not change before it locks, this will be the commission to the partner.

Approved / Locked

Action Cost due on Scheduled Clearing Date

When an action is locked, the Action Cost amount is now due — this will be used to credit the partner with a commission for generating the action.


Action Cost voided — 0.00 payout

When an action is reversed, the action cost is voided — no commission is due.

View action details

The Action detail modal shows details about a specific action.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Transactions → Pending Payouts → Actions.

  2. On the Pending Payouts screen, select the linked Action ID to open the modal.

Action detail highlights

Below is a list of the most important data points to keep in mind when viewing action details:

Action Status

Finance "Status"


"Payout" (Commission)

Equal to the Action Cost — the amount the partner will receive as a commission for the action

The commission amount the partner will receive for this action if it's approved (i.e., when it locks).

Locking Date

The date and time when the action will lock; the commission will be due (see below)

When an action is locked, the Action Cost amount is now due — this will be used to credit the partner with a commission for generating the action.

Scheduled Clearing Date

The date and time when the commission amount is debited from your account

The date and time when will clear the funds from your account to pay the partner for the action. If your account has insufficient funds, it will be considered Overdue.

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