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Translate & Localize Your Advocate Program

The Advocate platform uses participant-specific locale information to help you translate and localize your referral program’s content and rewards. These locales (e.g. en_GB, nl_NL) are a combination of a two-letter language code and a two-letter country code, as defined in ISO 639-1 and ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, respectively. You can send locale information for individual participants whenever you send us customer advocate and event details.

Translate and localize your program content

This feature is only accessible to specific editions or add-ons. Contact us to upgrade your account and get access!
Step 1: Download the source copy and messaging
  1. In the left navigation menu, select Program Rules.

  2. Under Section 3: Advanced Settings, select Edit on the Translations card.

  3. Select Download Source and Translations.

There is an alternative method to download translations:

Important: This method is the only way to handle translations for microsite content.

  1. In the left navigation menu, select Content.

  2. In the Translations section select Microsite to expand a list of options, then select the microsite content you want to translate.

  3. Download the source content and translations.

The provided zip file will include your default and any translated copy (if present) in the following format:


In this example, the programEmailID.json, programWidgetID.json, referredReward.json or referrerReward.json files contain the default copy for the program's email, widget, and rewards.

Step 2: Translate the source files

Use a copy of the default email or widget messaging (found in the programEmailID.json or programWidgetID.json files) as the basis for your translations, and a copy of the default reward settings as the template for your localized reward types and amounts.

If you have previously made translations they will be included in the download, in the folder of the widget/email they are for (e.g. /programEmailID) with the file name of the locale they are for (e.g. nl_NL.json).

You can choose to make edits to the existing translations/rewards you have, for a specific locale, or delete the existing content and start fresh from the default file.

Step 3: Package the translations
  1. Place your translated files back into the folder of the same name as the source file you translated (e.g. the /signupRewardEmail folder for the translations of signupRewardEmail.json).

    The following example shows translations for the fr_FR and en_US locales having been placed in the folder for the program's email /programEmailID, widget /programWidgetID, and rewards /referredReward and /referrerReward.

  2. Create a zip of the folder containing the /Emails and /Widgets folders.

Step 4: Upload the translations
  1. Upload the zipped folder in the Translations area of the Program Rules page or Content page depending on the method you used in Step 1.

  2. Select Done and confirm that the file was uploaded successfully.

Congratulations! Your referral program is now localized.

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