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Learn about Template Terms & Contracts

Template Terms & Contracts (sometimes referred to as Insertion Orders or IO) are important tools you'll use to establish partnerships with your partners. Read on to learn more about what they are and their differences.

Template Terms vs. Contracts

A Template Term is what you create in Impact that establishes the terms between you and your partners. When you create a template term, you set the event type you want to pay out for, the default payout, payout adjustments, action locking, and more.

Each advertiser on Impact has a Public Template Term, which are created during the Onboarding process. These serve as your "default" terms, and you can create customized template terms based on them.

You can also add (or upload) your own Custom Terms to Impact, which you can add to your Template Terms.


  • Template Terms are the drafts of your contracts that establish things like payout rates, action locking dates, and all of the details you want to specify to partners. Template Terms can be sent to partners for them to review and accept.

  • Contracts are an instance of your template terms when a partner agrees to your terms. Impact creates an individual contract between you and each partner that accepts your terms, with all of the details specified in the template terms.

Public & Private Template Terms

During onboarding you likely created your first set of Template Terms, which are public—these are your default template terms that partners will see when viewing you in the marketplace (if enabled). Impact requires advertisers to maintain one set of public template terms at all times to serve as your default terms. You can only have one active set of public template terms at a time.

Private contracts can be entirely new, or they can be based on your public template terms but with different and/or additional terms, such as more favorable payout rates for high-performing partners. Private contracts are useful for offering finely-tuned deals for specific partners or partner groups.

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