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Manage Your User Profile on the Mobile App

Your profile holds information like your name, contact details, and more. Your profile also holds general settings for your account, like language and password settings. Unlike the desktop application, the mobile app houses profile details and company information in the same place.

Manage your profile

  1. In the upper-left corner, select your profile icon.

  2. To the right of your profile icon, select icons8-repeat.svg [Switch] to view all your accounts.

  3. Select an account and make any changes.

    • See the sections below for more information on each group of settings.

  4. To sign out of the account, select Logout.


This section allows you to customize basic account settings, like your password.




Set Light or Dark theme to match your preferred in-app viewing experience.


Select the language that you want displayed in your account.

Update Password

Change your account password or reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Close your Account

Reach out to support for help with deactivating your account. Learn more about closing your partner account.

What's New

See the latest features and capabilities that could help you better manage your partnerships with brands. Swipe left to view more features and select Ok, got it! to dismiss all.

Account Details

This section allows you to view your company information. For more information about these options, see Manage Your Company Information on the Mobile App.




Basic details about your company, such as your timezone and tax information.


Your company's corporate and billing addresses.


Your company's financial, technical, and commercial points of contact for internal and external concerns.

Help & Support

Visit the help center, or send us an email.

  1. Select Help Center.

    • View our mobile app-specific help articles to find your solution.

  2. Alternatively, select Email Us.

    • From the Send email... slide-up, select your preferred email application.

    • A draft will be created and any necessary specifications of your device are included in the footer.

    • Add your comments and send the email once done.

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