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This is a general list of potential error codes you might encounter when using In the sections and tables below, search for the code you're encountering to learn what it means.


Encounter an error code that isn't listed here? Reach out to your CSM (or contact support) and we'll be happy to help you resolve it and update our list.

General error codes

These are general error codes you may encounter when batch processing data.

Error code



This is a general error code that means our system couldn't make sense of your data. Double-check that each column has the correct type (e.g., if the system expects an integer and receives a string, it may throw this error).


This is an error code that means couldn't make sense of the conversion data. Look up the OID for a more detailed error message.

CAMPAIGN_NOT_FOUND couldn't find the Campaign (aka Program) associated with the sale.

Double-check that your CampaignId column has the correct value.

ACTIONTRACKER_NOT_FOUND couldn't find the Action Tracker (aka Event Type) associated with your program.

Double-check that your ActionTrackerId column has the correct value.


The referral was not covered by the terms (typically a view-through).


Your Action Tracker (aka Event Type) isn't currently active. Reach out to your CSM (or contact support) for help with an inactive event type.


The ID values of your Action Tracker (aka Event Type) and Campaign (aka Program) don't match.

Double-check that you've entered the correct ID values for each of these columns.


The partner associated with the action is currently inactive. Partners are generally considered inactive if they haven't driven an action within a specified number of days.


This error indicates that the contract between you and the partner doesn't include the Action Tracker (aka Event Type) that the action is tracked by.


When one or more clicks, promo codes, calls, parent action, etc. is present, but not commissionable.


Indicates that the referral (i.e., click) for the action wasn't found.


For virtually all batch processing files, OrderId is required. Double-check that you've included the correct OID values in your data.


Indicates that one or more action referral sources (e.g., clicks, promo codes, parent action, etc.) are present, but can't pay out a commission.


This error indicates that an active contract with the partner that credited an action on a specific date wasn't found. Double-check that the date (and time) for the reported action is correct, as well as the partner receiving credit for the action is correct.


The reported action date is outside of the referral window specified in the contract. Double-check that the correct date (and time, taking note of the timezone) is reported and is within the specified referral window in the contract with your partner.


The referral (i.e., the partner) has already reached the maximum action limit or payout amount specified in the contract.




A reported action (i.e., conversion) with the same OrderId (OID) was already registered within the de-duplication window. Double-check the OID associated with the duplicate action to ensure it's correct.


If the click is outside of the maximum referral window accepts.


No contract for the partner involved at the action date specified was found.


No clicks or other referrals were found leading up to a conversion.


This error occurs if child actions were batched after the referral window of a parent action.


You will see this error if the event date of click is after the event date of its conversion.


When the CurrencyCode submitted in a Modification File does not match that of the original CurrencyCode submitted with the Conversion.


If the event date doesn't follow the required date format.

Call tracking error codes

If you're using a call tracking event type, these are error codes you may encounter when batch processing call tracking actions.

Error code



The call duration for the reported action was too short to be payable. Double-check that the reported duration is correct, along with the minimum time set in your template terms.


The specific time that the call took place in the reported action was outside of the specified time range in the template terms. Double-check the reported time (taking particular note of the timezone), along with the time range in your template terms.


The call that was reported was to a same number within the specified amount of days in the template terms. Double-check that the number reported is correct, and review the Dedupe Window in your template terms.


Occurs when the contract specifies paying for a sale after a call, however, the reported action only has a call and no sale.


The call that was reported didn't connect properly.


The partner associated with the action is currently inactive. Partners are generally considered inactive if they haven't driven an action within a specified number of days.

Attribution Report error codes

These are general error codes you may encounter when processing attribution reports.

Error code



In the context of an attribution report, this means that another referral was prioritized for credit for the action.


More of a legacy error code that indicates a Campaign (aka Program) allows for view-through tracking, but the contract associated with the action doesn't allow it.


The brand segments traffic between the partner channel and the rest, using promo codes. The sale was classified as outside of the partner channel.


The use of a promocode restricts credit to only the media associated with the promo code. Other media not associated with that promo code, will see this error message.


This error is seen if there is a restriction on the consumer's IP address. Typically this happens when there is a region restriction.


When you're blocked by crediting rules. A typical example is when the contract says last to cart, but the click came after all the items were already added to the shopping cart.

ONE_OF_[ClickId, CustomerId, CustomProfileId, CustomClickId, OrderPromoCode, MediaPartnerId, UniqueUrl, CallerId, GoogAId, AndroidId, AppleIfa, AppleIfv, WinId, PhoneNumber, Odin1, DeviceId, OpenUdId, Mac, MacMd5]_IS_REQUIRED couldn’t find the column that lists which partner should receive credit for the action. Add a column with the attribution value that links the action to the partner that drove it. recommends using at least 1 required attribution value.


This error code only applies to legacy attribution reports.

Action modification & reversals error codes

These codes apply when you're modifying actions (or reversing them) via batch processing.

Error code



If your contract is configured to require approval from the partner for reversed actions, this error code indicates that the proposed action reversal is awaiting approval from the partner. This configuration (i.e., requiring approval from partners for reversed actions) isn't very common.


The action can't be found based on the submitted data.

Double-check that all of the required fields are present, and the data is correct for each column.


The sale amount modification isn't acceptable. Usually occurs if a negative number is accidentally used, or an incorrect currency.

Double-check the sale amount to ensure the value is correct.


The quantity amount modification isn't acceptable. Usually occurs if a negative number or invalid value is accidentally used.


For item-level action modifications, this error indicates that the item SKU was not found for the adjustment. Make sure you have the correct SKU string for all items in the action.


The action has already been reversed.


In the context of approving an action, this error code indicates the action has already been approved.


This error code only occurs if the contract forbids action reversals.


This error occurs if the reversal reason isn't valid, meaning it doesn't match’s standardized disposition code, or if you're using custom disposition codes, and it doesn't match any of those either.

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