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Getting Started for Partners

Now that you’ve successfully signed up as a partner, you can start to form partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the business. provides you with all the tools you need to manage these partnerships and grow your business. Follow these six simple steps to get productive and get paid with!

1. Familiarize yourself with the dashboard
Top navigation bar

Find new and existing brands, various reports, and content to promote.

Left navigation bar

Access your account settings, manage your profile, and view notifications.


The dashboard provides some key insights and shortcuts. You can view your balance summary, a snapshot of your performance, suggested brands to partner with, and create a tracking link.


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2. Apply to the marketplace

Learn how to join the Brands Marketplace. Only after you’ve been approved to join the marketplace, will you be able to join brand programs.

3. Manage your public profile

Make sure your public profile is up to date. Your public profile is the first point of contact that brands will have with you.

Note: You should've already completed this information when you signed up or joined the brand marketplace.

4. Find and apply to brands

Once your public profile is updated, identify and reach out to brands you want to work with. The Brands Marketplace is where you can find and apply to brands. Form partnerships with multiple brands to help grow your business. You’ll do this by driving more traffic for brands and services that align with your promotional channels, which will generate commissions for you.

5. Access promotional material and links

After partnering with a brand, you can access various promotional assets and links to integrate with your content. Use these links and promotional assets to drive traffic to your partnered brand. Once that traffic starts creating actions, you'll get a cut of the sale (your commission). Check out your contract with the brand to see the details.

6. Access and withdraw your earnings

Once you start driving traffic to your partnered brands, you receive payouts as per your contract. These earnings are paid into your digital wallet. You can decide to withdraw your earnings on fixed dates or after reaching certain balance thresholds.


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