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Create a Storefront for Your Products

As part of the Products feature set, you can create and share a targeted collection of products with your partners in the form of a storefront. You can schedule customized listings for timed events, create unique product groupings, and customize how your products are displayed. Configuring a storefront enables your partners to quickly and easily find and promote the right products at the right time.

Step 1: Configure a storefront

In order to configure a storefront for your products, you must:


Once your product catalog is uploaded, a storefront will automatically be created. Products in the uploaded catalog that are in stock will be added to an Available Now group.

Step 2: Customize your storefront

You can customize the name, banner image, and product groups displayed on your storefront.

  1. Select the pencil-alt-solid.svg [Edit] button next to your storefront name.

  2. Enter a Home Page Name if you want to change the name of your storefront.

  3. To upload a new Cover Photo for your storefront, select Choose File.

    • If no photo is selected your cover photo will be a generic background. PNG, JPEG, GIF, and JPG file formats are supported with a maximum file size of 5.00 MB. The image dimensions must be 1170px wide by 200px high.

  4. Select Save.

Step 3: Customize product groups

Follow these instructions to edit existing product groups:

  1. To the right of the product group that you want to edit, select pencil-alt-solid.svg [Edit].

  2. From the Edit Group screen, you can adjust the Group Settings or you can specify by which catalog and product filters this group should be defined.

    • See the Product Group Settings table below for more information about these settings.

  3. Select Save to confirm your setting changes.

    Product Group Settings table

    Group Name

    Change the name of the product group.

    Group Privacy

    Give selected partners or partner groups access to the product group.


    Toggle this product group’s status—Active or Inactive.

    Inactive product groups will not be visible to your partners once you share your storefront.

    Available Dates

    toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] this setting to specify the date period for which this product group should be visible to partners.

    Define filters for products

    Product Catalog

    Select the product catalog from which you want to populate products into this group.

    • Only catalogs that you’ve made available for use can appear in your storefront product groups.

    Shopify Collections

    If you’ve selected a Shopify Catalog from the Product Catalog drop-down and that catalog has collections, the Shopify Collection filter will provide the collection ID to filter the Storefront Group.

    Learn how to add a Shopify Catalog.

    Filter Wizard

    Use the Filter Wizard’s filtering options to define which products you would like to appear in this group.

    Filter Wizard fields explained

    Catalog Item Id

    Select items by the catalog item Id.


    Select items by the name field.


    Select items based on text in the description field.


    Select items based on the price field.


    Select the Sale field to only show items that are on sale.


    Select the Promotion field and is present to only show items that are on promotion, or choose is not present to only show items that are not on promotion.


    Determine which items should be displayed, using the gender field.


    Select items based on text labels.


    Select items created by certain manufacturers.


    Select items by category.

    Stock Availability

    Display items based on available stock.


    Select items by color.

    Text1, Text 2, Text 3

    A custom string that you can specify in your tracking setup.

    Money 1

    A custom money value that you can specify in your tracking setup.

    You can add multiple options to the Value textbox as a comma-separated list.

    Sort Options

    You can sort the order in which products appear in this group by the following fields in ascending or descending order:

    • Current Price

    • Discount Percentage

    • Manufacturer

Step 4: Add additional product groups

When the storefront is created, it is populated with a default Available Now product group. You can opt to create additional product groups.

  1. On your Storefront page, select Create New Group.

  2. Fill in the required information.

    • See the Product Group Settings table for more information about these fields.

  3. In this example, we are creating a product group that will list all items in our catalog under $50.

  4. Select Save. The newly-created product group will appear on your storefront page.

Step 5: Share your storefront and product groups

  1. To the right of your storefront name, select ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More] → Share Store.

  2. A link will be copied to your clipboard that you can send in a message or newsletter to your partners.

Step 6: Manage product groups

You can reorder or delete a product group.

  • Next to your storefront name, select ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More] → Manage Groups.

    • Reorder product groups: Drag and drop specific groups in different orders. This order will appear on your storefront’s home screen.

    • Delete a product group: Select trash-alt-solid.svg [Delete], then OK on the confirmation screen.


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