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Manage General Finance Settings as a Brand

Your General Finance Settings are where you can set global settings for all of your invoices and financial forms, set a contact that will be listed in financial documents, choose who will receive your account invoices, and select if Monthly Close Reports should include actions when they're reported or after they lock.

Manage your general finance document settings

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu] → Finance.

  2. From the left navigation menu, select Settings → Billing Groups.

  3. Hover over your preferred billing group and select [More]Document Settings.

  4. Next to General, make the changes you want to make.

    • See the different setting options below.

  5. Select Save.

Global finance document settings



Always reflect currency code on documents

Toggle if you want to have currency codes on your financial documents.

Include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean font on documents

Select if you want to have Chinese, Japanese, or Korean fonts on your financial documents. The font will be chosen based on your geolocation.

Finance document contact settings



Primary Contact

Set the primary financial contact for your account.

Other Contact(s)

Enter the email address of any other account users who should receive any financial documents.


Two or more email addresses must be separated by a comma.

Monthly Close Report settings



Revenue Recognition Model

Select if you want your monthly partner-based financial documents to be based on when actions are reported or when they lock. Learn more about the action lifecycle.

You can also manage your invoice settings and your funding document settings from the Document Settings screen.

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