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View Deal Performance Data

There are 2 reports you can use to review Deal performance data.

Performance by Deal report

The Performance by Deal report will show you performance data aggregated by deal. This report should be used when you want to look solely at which deals are most productive for your program.

Here's where to find the report:

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Reports → More Reports.

  2. In the Name field, enter "Performance by Deal."

  3. Select search-solid.svg [Search].

  4. Below the filters, select the Performance by Deal report.

    • Optionally, you can Pin this report to the left navigation menu using the button in the Actions column.

  5. Use the Date Range and Partner filters to select what time span and which partner you want to view performance data for, then select search-solid.svg [Search].


This report will show you data like how many partners generated actions while using the deal, the discount the deal provided customers, how much revenue was generated by each deal, and more. Consider saving this report to more easily cross-reference its results or schedule the report to be delivered to you at regular intervals (e.g., monthly).

Advanced Action Listing

The Advanced Action Listing report can show many different data points, and can be used to provide more context to the performance data of a specific deal (via the Deal filter). Learn where to find the report.

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