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Create a Promo Code


Looking to learn more about when and how to use promo codes? Review the Impact Promo Code Logic checklist to learn more.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Content → Promo Codes.

  2. In the top right, select Create Promo Code → Tracking.

  3. Fill in the relevant fields.

    • Refer to the Settings reference table below for help with creating a promo code.

  4. Select Save.

Settings reference




Select the partner or media source (learn more about media sources aka Networks) to assign this promo code. The selected partner is the only partner that can receive credit for this code. All other partner sales using this code will be considered an invalid conversion.

Promo Code

Enter your unique alphanumeric promo code (case sensitive for Regex codes).

Credit Policy

Control when a partner or media source gets credit for a conversion when the promo code is used:

  • Always credit—promo code always gets credit


    Clicks from partners to whom promo codes with the Always credit policy is assigned, will not be tracked by Partners will still receive credit but no clicks will be recorded in the reporting.

  • Credit If involved—promo code only gets credit if the partner drove any clicks

  • Credit If winner—promo code only gets credit if the partner drove the winning click

Match Type

  • Exact—the promo code must exactly match in order for the partner to receive credit.

  • Regular Expression (Advanced) [Regex]—regular expression is used for matching the promo code used.

    • See the Regex explained section below for more information on how to use regex to match your promo codes.


If the promo code is associated with a previously created Deal, use the dropdown to select the deal.


Send comments or instructions to a partner regarding promo code.

Email Address

Leave blank if sending promo code to the default partner email address.

Schedule Dates

Set the start and end dates for when this promo code will be valid.

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