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Deposit Funds into Your Account

You can deposit funds into your account at any time directly in These funds are used for action payouts, fees, and transfers to partners.


You can only fund your account in the currency you chose during your account setup. Your chosen currency cannot be changed once your account is active.

Your currency can be viewed under your company information.

Accepted payment types

TypeProcessing TimeFeesNotes
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via ACH, Giro, Direct entry3–5 business days after initiating the recommends using EFTs over all other methods.
Wire Transfer24–48 hours after initiating the depositFree**While doesn't charge a fee, you may incur charges from your bank for wire transfers.
Credit CardImmediately credited to your account. The amount deposited is added to your next invoice.USD $3.50 per USD $100 deposited.

The fee is assessed for every USD $100 or currency equivalent deposited(e.g., a USD $200 deposit would invoke a fee of USD $3.50 × 2 = USD $7).

Supported currencies

  • USD - United States Dollar

  • EUR - Euro

  • GBP - Pound Sterling

  • AUD - Australian Dollar

  • DKK - Danish Krone

  • HKD - Hong Kong Dollar

  • JPY - Japanese Yen

  • NOK - Norwegian Krone

  • SEK - Swedish Krona

  • SGD - Singapore Dollar

Direct DepositImmediately credited to your account. 3–5 business days to reflect in your own bank account.FreeYou can set up automatic payments after your first successful direct deposit. If the payment bounces or gets canceled, your account will be debited with the same amount deposited.

Deposit funds

  1. From the left navigation menu, select ellipsis-v-solid.svg [Menu] → Finance.

  2. Select Deposits from the left navigation bar.

  3. In the top-right of the Make Deposit screen, select Make Deposit.

  4. On the Post Funds for Payment screen, select a Payment Type.

    Deposit funds via:

    1. Select the ACH Payment Type option.

    2. Input your payment information in the fields below your chosen Payment Type—including the amount you wish to deposit.

    3. Select Continue.

    4. Confirm the Transfer Information, then enter your name to signify that you acknowledge and accept the terms.

    5. Select Submit.

    6. Optionally, select the Download to PDF button to download a PDF of the transaction details.

    7. Select Done.


What currencies are supported? currently supports 81 global currencies with more on the way. Learn which currencies currently supports.

Credit card transactions however have a smaller set of supported currencies, see the table above for more info.

Can I fund my account in a different currency?

No. You can only fund your account in the currency you chose during your account setup. Your chosen currency cannot be changed once your account is active.

View your account currency

  1. From the left navigation bar, select ellipsis-v-solid.svg [Menu] → Settings.

  2. On the left, under General, select Company Information.

  3. Under Basic Information, view the currency that you selected during your application process.

Why must I enter my banking information? requires bank account information to complete an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which varies across countries and payment systems.

Is my banking information secure?

Yes.'s platform and services are served over a valid secure connection (HTTPS). Information sent to and received from is end-to-end encrypted, including banking information.

When you enter banking information into, the user interface will obfuscate bank account numbers using X characters for increased privacy on any subsequent review of financial information.

How much money should I deposit?

You can use either a Payment Request Form(PRF) or a Statement of Invoices (SOI) to find out how much you should deposit into your account. The document you use depends on which funding strategy your account uses.

Learn more about PRF and SOI documents.

I made a deposit outside of the platform and didn't include my Account ID, what should I do?

Submit your manual remittance advice to for manual processing. Remember to include your account ID for future deposits to speed up the funds' allocation process.

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