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Guide to Funding Strategies for Brands

Your partner invoice funding strategy must be compatible with the scheduling you set for Action Locking and Payout Scheduling when you configure your template terms, which become the legally-binding contracts you enter into with your partners. Learn more about aligning contract terms to finance settings.

Depositing funds into your account

Not all deposit methods will process immediately. Factor in processing times when depositing funds into your account to ensure your financial obligations are settled on time. Learn more about deposit processing times.

Funding strategy types

The most common funding strategies are known as Net 30 (PRF), Net 45 (SOI), and Net 45+ (SOI). The name of each strategy comes from how long it takes to settle financial obligations and which financial document you should consult if using the strategy. Select the relevant funding strategy you'd like to learn more about:

One of the benefits of is the highly flexible finance system. If you already have a different funding strategy in mind, reach out through our Support channel or speak with your CSM to discuss on you can implement it.

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