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System Reattributed Actions Explained

You can can reverse or modify actions before they lock. However, some actions are reversed by the system, and these are known as System Reattributed actions.

When you view a list of reversed actions, the Reversal Reason filter can contain the reversal reason System Reattributed Order, which may appear for one of two reasons:

  1. User-Initiated Reattribution: You requested an action to be re-attributed before locking.

    • can correct attribution to ensure that actions not yet locked are still eligible for crediting. System Reattributed actions aren’t initiated in the platform. Please contact support for assistance with reattributing any actions.

  2. System-Initiated Reattribution: actioned re-processing for data quality reasons.

    • corrects attribution to ensure the correct partner can receive credit for actions that would otherwise be attributed to a media channel or a different partner. This correction can happen for data quality reasons, such as when an issue during data processing affects event correlation.

Both user- and system-initiated reattribution is processed by, so both types will always have System Reattributed Order as the reversal reason.

Actions with Duplicate OrderIds

When an action is reversed by with the reason System Reattributed Order, a new Pending action is created with the same orderId. Only this Pending action is considered payable.

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