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Review Actions That Are Outside of Terms

When an action occurs that falls outside established contract terms between your campaign and a partner, that action is considered outside of terms.

Outside terms actions are automatically considered as reversed actions, but can be modified for approval.

Filter & download outside terms list

When selecting filters, make sure to select [Search] for them to take effect.

Base Filters


Filter actions based on the partner who generated it.

Event Type

Filter actions based on event type.


Filter actions based on the order ID (OID) of the action.

Action ID

Filter actions based on the Action ID.

Additional Filters

Shared ID

View the SharedID of the action, if applicable.

Date Range

View actions over a specified date range.

Promo Code

View the promo code used, if applicable.

Status Detail

View the status detail of the action, if applicable.

Download pending payouts (actions) list

At the bottom of the list, select [Download] to download the list as a CSV file.

Approve actions

From the Actions column, select Approve to override the reversal.

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