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Introduction to Ad Types

Create and upload advertising content to your account to give your partners content to promote your brand and products. has powerful tools to upload virtually any type of content, generate tracking links, and to easily send out content to partners.

Online ad content types

A range of pre-defined ad types are available to quickly get you started.

Ad type



Traditional image ad, typically placed next to static content (such as a news article or blog post).

Learn how to upload an image ad.


Create an email advertisement directly in, with support for custom HTML and image content.

Learn how to create an email ad.

Sponsored text

Short text advertisement similar to sponsored ads you'd see on search engine results pages.

Learn how to create a sponsored text ad.

Text link

A simple text link advertisement that sends a potential customer to your landing page.

Learn how to create a text link ad.

Long sponsored text

Similar to the sponsored text ad, but with larger character limits.

Learn how to create a long sponsored text ad.


Specific ad type for coupon and deal partners that use the promotional ad feed. Partners subscribed to the promotional ad feed will automatically receive these ads.

Learn how to create a coupon ad.


Generic ad type that supports HTML.

Learn how to create a content ad.


Upload video content to, which partners can place as an advertisement on their website. Does not support social media networks (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Learn how to create a video ad.


Flexi ads are advanced link/ad types that are highly customizable.

Learn how to create a flexi ad.

Other ad types supports a range of other ad types as well:

Ad Type


Promo codes

Typically unique codes assigned to partners that a customer uses at checkout for a discount. The partner is credited for driving the conversion if their assigned promo code is used.

Learn how to create a promo code.


Typically limited-time or seasonal events that have a collection of ad content and a specific deal associated with them.

Learn how to create a deal.

Unique domain

Similar to a promo code, but uses a unique URL assigned to a partner. Customers that follow this link are redirected to your website and action credit is attributed to the partner who's assigned the unique domain.

Learn how to create a unique domain.

Product catalogs

Upload a catalog of your products to Impact to generate tracking links for all of your products. You can share access to these links with your partners who can then deep link potential customers to specific product pages on your website.

Learn how to add a product catalog.

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