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Upload an Image Ad

Image Ads are hosted by partners and can effectively drive traffic to your website or a specific product. Image Ads utilize ad creative (e.g., images) to attract partner-driven traffic to the landing page you choose for this ad.

Create an image ad

  1. From the left navigation bar, select engage-icon__v69b8313.svg [Engage] ContentAds.

  2. In the top-right corner, select Create Ad caret-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu] → Image.

  3. Enter the Name of the ad.

  4. Choose the Type  of creative you want to upload. You can upload the ad creative directly to, link to the third-party site that the creative is hosted on, or upload the HTML code for the creative.

    To directly upload an image, select dot-circle-regular.svg Upload Creative.

    • Select Choose file, locate and select the file on your computer.

    • Optionally, select square-regular.svg [Unchecked box] to upload more images with the same settings (up to 1MB each) option to upload multiple image files at once.

    • Each image file will be stored as a separate ad and will have the same settings except for their names. Each ad will have a number appended to its name so you can distinguish the files from each other.

  5. Enter a Description of the image ad.

  6. Enter the Landing Page to which the image ad should redirect.

    • You can set up a custom landing page by selecting Custom from the angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu].

    • If the image ad is hosted on a mobile app, toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Mobile Fallback, then enter the app store link.

  7. toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Add metadata to this ad.

    • From the angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu], select the field and enter the value of the query parameters you want to pass.

      • You can add more parameters by selecting plus-circle-solid__1_.svg [Add Item].

      • Metadata added to your ads will be appended to the end of the ad's tracking links.

      • If you select the Custom parameter you can set both the parameter name and value.

  8. From the angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu], select the Deal you want to apply to the ad.

    • Optionally, select Add new deal to add a new deal to this ad.

  9. Add or create Labels to the image ad so your partners can more easily find them.

  10. toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Available Dates to set start and end date for this ad.

  11. toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Restrict Partner Access to set which partners can use this ad. Search for the partners you want this ad to be usable for from the Search partners field.

  12. Adding Promotional Themes can help you organize ads by what time of the year the ad is for, and partners can also find these ads more conveniently for their marketing efforts.

    • toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Seasonal and select which seasonal theme you want to add from the angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu].

    • toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Top Seller to select the offer as Offer is a top selling item.

  13. Optionally, select Advanced Settings arrow-down-solid.svg to expand and configure settings.

    Advanced Settings

    • Select in which Language you want to serve this ad from the angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu].

    • toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Alt Tag if you want the alternative text to load in place of an image ad that could not be displayed, then enter the text you want to be displayed.

    • toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] [Tracking Code] if you want to limit partners to only having iFrame tracking codes for this ad.

    • toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Deep Linking if you want to give partners the ability to deep-link to specific web pages with this ad.

    • toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Promo Codes if you want to accept requests for a custom version of this ad that utilizes a promo code.

    • For Customization Charge you can charge partners a fee for you to create a custom version of this ad for them. If you want to do this, enter the charge here.

    • Select square-regular.svg [Unchecked box] Setup a third-party impression pixel for this ad if you want to record how users interact with your ad.

  14. Save if you want partners to begin using the ad as soon as you finish creating it.

    • Optional, select square-regular.svg [Unchecked box] and Save as a draft.

    • Optionally, select the angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu] if you want to Save and create another or Save and create another with same settings.

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