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Create a Video Ad Hosted by a Third Party

When creating a video ad, you can choose to have the ad display content not stored by When partners serve an ad hosted by a third party, the ad will retrieve its content from the URL you provided when creating an image ad or display the iFrame from the HTML code you entered when creating a video ad.

Managing Ads

Learn how to manage ads if you need to adjust the details of your ad, expire it, or limit partner access to it.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Content → Ads.

  2. In the upper-left corner, select Create Ad [Drop-down menu] → Video.

  3. Enter the ad's Name.

  4. Next to How will this Ad be served?, select [Radio button] By a Third Party Ad Server.

    • Supply the iFrame HTML code for the video ad.

    • Ensure you add any click URL tokens to the source URL (as query string parameters) that you need for your tracking integration. As an example, here's how to format the {timestamp} token: timestamp={timestamp}




      An encoded version of the click event's referring domain.


      An unencoded version of the click event's referring domain.


      A timestamp for the date and time the click event occurred.


      The Partner Id for the partner that drove the click event.


      The Click Id for the click event.


      The Ad Id for the video ad. This can also be found on the Manage Ads screen.


      A random integer assigned to the click event.


      The name of the matched redirect rule (if applicable).

  5. Select which Ad Unit Size the video ad should be.

  6. Enter the remaining ad details.

  7. Select Save. From here, you can:

    • Simply Save this ad, which will save the ad and return you to the Manage Ads screen.

    • Save and create another ad, which will save the ad you just created and open a fresh screen to create another video ad.

    • Save and create another ad with the same settings, which will save the ad you just created and open a screen to create another video ad. If you choose this option, all fields filled in for the video ad you just created will be replicated in the new form.

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