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Bulk Upload Ads

Rather than upload ads individually, use the bulk uploads tool to upload multiple ads at once using a CSV file. The information fields are similar to the Ads API to better help you coordinate what information goes where.

There are two files you'll need if you want to bulk-upload ads:

  • An ads metadata file.

  • The ads' creative files (which are typically images).

Ads metadata file format

Refer to the File Format Notes for help formatting your metadata file.

  1. In the File Format Notes, at the bottom, select Column Headers.

  2. Copy the column headers for use in your own Google Sheet or Excel file.

  3. Add your ads data to your file.

  4. Save your file in CSV format.

Format tips

  • Name your file something relevant so it is easy to find, like bulk_upload_ads_July20.csv.

  • Your ads will appear exactly like your file, so any space, punctuation marks, or special characters will be present if they are used.

  • will alert you if there are any errors in the file you upload. Use the File Format Notes to ensure your file has no issues.

Upload the ads metadata file

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Content → Ads.

  2. In the top right corner, select Bulk Upload.

  3. Select Choose File and select your bulk upload CSV file to upload. Select Open to upload this file.

  4. Select Next.


Next, you'll need your ad creative files ready so they can be uploaded.

Upload ad creative files

  1. On the Specify images page, select Choose Files to bulk upload the ad creative files. These file names need to exactly match the file names you have in your metadata file.

    • Hold down Command ⌘ on macOS or CTRL on PC to select multiple ad creative files to upload at once.

  2. Select Accept & Create Ads. Once all of the ads have been uploaded, they will appear in the Ads page.

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