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Test a Dynamic Content Ad

After saving your content ad, you can test it to ensure the redirect path works as expected. The easiest way is to send the content ad to your test partner account.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Content → Ads.

  2. On the Ads screen, find your content ad in the list and select Share.

  3. On the Send Ads screen, find the Partners line. Use the search box to find your test partner account to add it.

  4. At the bottom of the screen, select Send Ads.

  5. In a new browser (or incognito tab), sign in to your test partner account.

  6. From the top navigation menu, select Ads → Ads & Links.

  7. On the Manage Ads screen, find the content ad and select Get code.

  8. In the code box, verify your absolute links have been changed into tracking links.

Troubleshoot validation errors

Validation error


“No replaceable links present.” cannot detect any replaceable links in your content—make sure all absolute links use http (not https) in your content. All of your absolute links will be automatically converted to https tracking links.

“Ad name cannot be blank.”

A name must be provided for the content ad.

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