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Add a New App

  1. In the top right corner, select Add Mobile App.

  2. On the Mobile App Settings screen, fill out the fields under Mobile App Information:

    • Name—add a name for your app.

    • Platform—specify the app platform.

    • Bundle ID (iOS) / Package ID (Android)—enter the unique identifier for your app (e.g., com.example.application).

    • App Store ID (iOS Only)—enter the two-part string used to identify your app (e.g.

    • Download URL—enter the direct download URL where the app can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).

  3. Next, select the returns processing option under Returns Processing:

    • Process returns using the Pending Payouts screen—if a conversion ends up being returned or reversed, you’ll need to manage them in Transactions → Pending Payouts.

    • Automate returns processing (advanced)—chose one of the automated options:

      • Use system web service (API)—use our API to submit conversion data directly to Impact. You’ll need your account’s API Access credentials.

      • Upload file to system FTP server—use our FTP server to submit conversion data in a CSV file.

      • Pull file from your own FTP server—use your own FTP server and have Impact pull your conversion data. We’ll need the following info:

        • Server URL—select the correct protocol prefix and enter the server URL.

        • Username—enter the username Impact can use to access your FTP server.

        • Password—enter the password for the FTP account Impact can use.

        • Port—enter the port to use when connecting to your FTP server.

        • Directory—enter the directory where Impact can find the file (e.g., /impact/returns).

      • Email file to system SMTP server—Impact will provide a unique email address that you can send conversion data to as a CSV attachment.

  4. Select Save and Continue to move on to configuring payout events.

  5. The Payout Events screen is where you can configure the app events that you want to pay out. In the top right corner, select Add Event.

    • App Installs—if you’re using a third party MMP, you’ll need to report app installs as an in-app event. See the note and option below.

    • In-App Events—configure an in-app event that you’ll pay out for:

      • Event Display Name—input a descriptive event display name which will appear in your Template Terms.

      • Event Code—input the case sensitive event code that Impact will be receiving from your MMP.

      • Crediting Rule—select either Install, which will credit the partner that drove the initial install to your app, or Last Click, which will credit the partner that drove the last referring click to your app prior to conversion.

        • For example, if a partner drove an install to your app, they’ll receive credit for that action. If the user ends up converting (e.g., places an order), the partner that drove the install will also receive credit for that action. If that same user clicks on a link later that led them to your app and they convert (e.g., place another order), the partner who drove them to your app (not the partner that drove the install) will receive credit for that action.


The Impact SDK has been fully deprecated and is no longer supported. Our latest mobile partnership solution relies on our web-based APIs to track and report data from your mobile app and the mobile web.

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