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DOM: Data Update Process

UI Update Frequency

Forensiq’s Reporting UI data updates on an hourly basis. Event-level data available to clients is updated on a daily basis.

Scoring Update Frequency

We have a multivariate scoring model and different components are updated at different intervals.

  1. GIVT List-based filtration examples:

    • IAB bots and spiders list - monthly

    • Hosting Providers - monthly

    • Proxy Lists - daily

  2. SIVT metrics are updated at least once per day, as well as periodically throughout the day as our algorithms learn new information about user activity.

Raw Data Update Process

Forensiq acquires raw data through the tracking application (JavaScript Tag and API data), then sends the data to the scoring process to apply data enrichment and produce a final score and reason codes. After evaluating the risks, the scores are returned within the corresponding update frequency.

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