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DOM: Intro & Implementation


Forensiq is a verification platform that provides solutions for Digital, Performance, and CPI (Cost Per Installation) Advertising clients. This description of methodology focuses on the Digital Advertising metrics for Invalid Traffic (IVT) and Viewability. Forensiq works across billions of bid requests, impressions, clicks, and conversions every day, increasing transparency and keeping the digital advertising ecosystem safe from botnets, data center traffic, hijacked devices, malicious ad injectors, and more.


The Forensiq measurement service is implemented via a browser-side tag, which can be used to measure impressions for IVT and Viewability. Additionally, Forensiq offers aggregate and historical metrics through a server-side call using the Prebid API, which are not in scope for this methodology.

The tag is used to capture viewability information and the digital forensics of the site visitors, register a request of a specified type (display, click, action), and to record source information passed by the customer into the available variables.

>Measurement of the following request types is based on the rt parameter specified in the tag:

Javascript Request Type


Tag Placement


Display ad impression

In the ad container or on the top level of a website with the ad container ID specified


Landing page visit or click event

Landing page or redirect page


Conversion or sale

Confirmation page

Measurement of the following ad formats are provided by the tag (passed in the fmt parameter)




Any image or canvas ad content


Any rich media ad


Any HTML5 video ad

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