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Invite Partners to Join

There are 3 ways you can invite partners into the platform:

Send them an account-level sign-up link

You can provide prospective and existing partners with a sign-up link that they can use to view your available programs. When they click on the link, they will be directed to a page where they can either log in with their existing partner account or sign up for a new partner account in order to apply to one or more of your programs. Partners who join this way must be reviewed and approved by you.

Note: Partners who sign up to solely via this page will not have access to the brand marketplace. However, they may still join the marketplace at a later stage.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select ellipsis-v-solid.svg [Menu]Settings.

  2. On the left, under AccountBranding, select Sign up Page.

  3. The login link can be found at the bottom of the Branding Options section.

From here, you can share the link with prospective partners.

Share the program sign-up page

This sign-up page is for a particular program only. Partners who join this way must be reviewed and approved by you.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select ellipsis-v-solid.svg [Menu]Settings.

  2. On the right, under Program → Branding, select Partner Sign-up page.

  3. The sign-up link can be found in the General section below the Your Sign Up Link heading.

Add partners via template term actions

This option sends out a proposal to the partner. After accepting your proposal, the partner is automatically joined to the program.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select ContractsTemplate Terms.

  2. In the list, find the template term you want to add partners to and select Actions caret-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu]Add Partners.

  3. On the Add Partners screen, complete each section. Refer to the definition table below for help.

    Add Partners Settings




    Media Partners

    Add existing partners

    Use the search box to find partners to add from your existing partner list.

    Add new partners

    Use this option to add partners with whom you have never partnered with before. Select Manually to enter their account details, or select Upload CVS or Excel to upload a file that adds partners in bulk.

    Leave the partner ID blank if the partner hasn't joined to the program after completing the signup form.

    Contract Dates

    Start Dates

    Use the dropdown to set the start date for when the template term will take effect.


    Use the dropdown to choose either Ongoing (no defined end date) or Temporary. Use the dropdowns to choose the end date, and then use the checkbox to select if you want to set a fallback template term.

    Approval Options


    Automatically replaces any existing contract a partner may have with you. If you're adding partners before the template term's start date set above, you can select the checkbox to allow the partner to begin these terms before it officially starts.

    Replace can't be selected if you are proposing to a prospective partner. It's only available for replacing a contract for an existing partner.


    Requires the partner to approve the new template term before it goes into effect. Use the checkboxes to set an expiration date (i.e., the partner must approve before this date) and/or to counter offers.

    Propose can be selected for prospective or existing partners.

    [Optional] Select toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle] Send an ad with this proposal for faster media partner integration if you have an ad ready to go.


    [Text box]

    [Optional] Include any additional comments to the partners you're adding to this contract. This message will be sent by email and is limited to 1024 characters.

  4. Select Send to complete the process.

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