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View Social Listening Results

Once you've created a social listener, results will begin to populate on the Social Listening screen.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select discover-icon__vf08ef31.svg [Discover]Social Listening.

  2. On the Social Listening screen, you can filter the results.

    • Refer to the Social listening filter reference table for more information about the filters.

    Social listening filter reference



    Search bar

    Search for social listening content by the creator's handle or ID.

    Date range

    Select the date range to filter for social listening results.

    You can only filter for results from the last 30 days.


    Filter for posts that are sponsored or not sponsored.


    Filter for creators with whom you already have contracts or creators who don't have a contract with you.

    Content match

    Filter for content matched by one of your social listeners, such as a matched hashtag or keyword.


    Filter by social platforms listed in your social listener.

  3. Hover over a result in which you are interested to perform one of the following actions:

    • check-solid.svg [Add creator to prospects] or indicate that you're ban-solid__1_.svg [Not interested] in this content.

    • Select the post to view the post details, such as the business model, specific content that matches your listener, post analytics, and more.

    • Below the post tile, select View Profile to view the creator's social properties and personal details or send them a proposal. To learn more about a creator's profile, visit View Prospective Partners.


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