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View Prospective Partners

To view a specific prospective partner's profile:

  1. From the left navigation bar in the discover-icon__vf08ef31.svg [Discover] section, select Prospects.

  2. Find the partner whose profile you'd like to view and select that partner's name.

This will open up a modal with a range of partner information and insights you can explore further to decide whether the partner is a good fit for your brand. Have a look at the below table and sections for more information on what can be found:



Contract Stage

If you have proposed a contract to the partner, it should reflect a status here to show whether the partner has joined or not.

Prospect Stage

When adding a prospect to your list, the status of that prospect will be reflected here. You should see one of three statuses:

  • New - this will appear if you have recently added this partner to your prospects but have not yet reached out to them to partner with you.

  • Outreach - this will appear if you have messaged the partner with a proposal to work with them.

  • Joined - this will appear if you and the partner have communicated and reached an agreement to work together.

Assigned to

You can assign account users to prospective partners by selecting the field and selecting users from a drop list.


If you would like to group the partner into a certain category, you can do so here. Managing partner groups helps you organize your partners and helps find specific types by filtering when looking to invite partners to campaigns, etc.. You can add groups by selecting the space to the right of the field.

[Creator only]

If your partner has been assigned to any campaigns, those campaigns will be listed here.


If you have sent any survey invites to the partner, those surveys should be listed here. Surveys allow you to collect information from partners to improve or streamline your business. Learn more on how to create a partner survey.


A log of all activity relating to the prospect should be listed in this section. You also have the ability to add any internal notes that you want to store here, such as potential campaigns you had in mind for the partner, what caught your eye about them, etc.


In the Properties tab you'll find all the links to the partner's relevant social media profiles and web pages. Some of these properties might also display a Learn More option in the top right corner of the tile. You can select Learn More to view even further insights into that particular property.


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