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Recruit Creators

As a brand, you can easily recruit at scale and find perfectly aligned creators through's Discover feature.

Access creators through Discover

  1. From the left navigation bar, select  [Discover]Marketplace.

  2. In the top navigation menu, select a social channel.

    • Home: Shows you curated collections of creators.

    • All Creators: Start your search from scratch.

    • Instagram: Shows you all the creators using Instagram.

    • More: Shows more social channels creators are using that you can select from.
      More options: TikTok YouTube Facebook Pinterest Twitter/X Twitch Android Blog Bloglovin iOS Linkedin Podcast Shop Tumblr Website WeChat Weibo 小红书 (Xiaohongshu) Other

Refine your search for creators

Once you've decided between searching for specific creators or viewing all options on the platform, you can begin further refining your search and learning more about creators that interest you.

  1. In the top navigation menu, select any social channel, excluding the Home tab.

  2. Refine your search by interacting with any of the filters near the left navigation menu.

    • Select the filter, then select which filter options you want to apply.

    Filter options

    Filter option



    Your current association with the creator.


    The current state of the creator's profile (e.g., Inactive).

    • Active
      This creator has driven Actions or Commissions on within the last year.

    • [tooltip|New|This creator became Marketplace Verified within the last 90 days.]

    • [tooltip|Dormant|This creator hasn't driven any Actions or Commissions within the last year.]

    • [tooltip|Unclaimed|This listing is not Marketplace Verified.]

    • [tooltip|Inactive|This creator has not yet driven any Actions or Commissions (queried back to the last 5 years).]


    The country in which the creator is located.

    Audience Country

    The country in which the audience is located.


    What type of products and services the creator believes would do well on their platform.

    Audience Size

    How big the creator's audience is (this could include active users, potential outreach, etc.).


    The creator's chosen marketing channel.

    Engagement Rate

    What percentage of the creator's audience interacts with their content.


    What gender the creator identified as to their intended audience.


    What language the creator's platform or content uses.


    Look through creators you want to revisit, or creators that you were previously not interested in.

    • Hidden: Creators you've marked as Not interested.

    • Prospects: Creators you've added as a prospect.

Search for specific creators

Select the search bar in the upper-right corner of your screen and enter the name, ID, or type of creator.

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