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Recruit Creators

As a brand, you can easily recruit at scale and find perfectly aligned creators through's Discover feature. When recruiting creators, there are a few different scenarios:

Access creators through Discover

  1. From the left navigation bar, select discover-icon__vf08ef31.svg [Discover]Marketplace.

  2. In the top navigation menu, select a social channel.

    • Home: Shows you curated collections of creators.

    • All Creators: Start your search from scratch.

    • Instagram: Shows you all the creators using Instagram.

    • TikTok: Shows you all creators using TikTok.

    • YouTube: Shows you all creators using YouTube.

    • Facebook: Shows you all creators using Facebook.

    • More: Shows more social channels creators are using that you can select from.
      More options: Pinterest Twitter/X Twitch Android Blog Bloglovin iOS
  3. Once you've selected a social channel (excluding the Home tab), refine your search by interacting with any of the filters near the top of the screen.

    • Select the filter, then select which filter options you want to apply.

    Filter options

    Search bar

    Enter the name, ID, or type of creator.


    The current state of the creator's profile (e.g., Inactive).

    Active is selected by default.

    • The Active status includes new partners and any partners who have driven actions or commissions on within the last year.

    • The New status limits results to partners who have become Marketplace verified within the last 90 days.

    Creator Tier

    The size of the creator measured by the number of followers or subscribers to their social properties. Learn more about the size rating criteria.

    Promotional Areas

    The country of the creator's audience.


    The type of products and services the creator believes would do well on their platform.

    Additional filters



    Social channels

    toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] a social channel to see creators with those properties. Channel options include Instagram, Facebook, TIkTok, and YouTube.

    After a channel is toggled on, you can limit your results based on the creator's reach & engagement metrics or their audience demographics for that platform. Specific options vary by social channel.


    The country in which the creator is located.


    The primary language of the creator's platform and content.


    Look for creators within a given age range.


    The creator's gender, as identified in their profile.


    The pronouns the creator uses.

    Marital status

    The creator's current marital status.

    Parental status

    Whether the creator is a parent or not.


    The creator's ethnic affiliation.

    Household Income

    The total gross income received by the creator's household.


    The creator's academic qualifications.


View a new creator's profile

Once you've filtered through the creator marketplace, you can view their creator profile descriptions and perform additional actions.

  1. Select the creator tile to view their profile.

  2. On the slide-out, perform any of the following actions in the left pane:

    • comment-regular.svg [Message] or email.svg [Email] the creator.

    • Select Invite to invite the creator to your main program or campaign.

    • check-solid.svg [Add Prospect] to add them to your prospects list.

    • ban-solid__1_.svg [Not interested] to hide the creator from Marketplace for you.

    • Select ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More] to report abuse by this creator.

  3. On the right pane, toggle between the Properties and Details tabs to view more information.


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