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Welcome to! Take a look around the Partner user interface and learn more about where everything is.

Top navigation bar

The top navigation bar is where you'll find options to discover new brands, run reports, find ads and tracking links to host, as well as see your account balance and interact with your account's financial settings.

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Select this option to return to your Dashboard, the first screen you see when you log into Impact.


If you have been approved to join the Brands Marketplace, you can discover new brands to work with here.


The Reports tab holds all reporting features for your account. The drop-down menu that appears holds any reports that you have pinned for easy access. Select All Reports to view all the reports available to your account.


Find assets and tracking links to host on your media properties from the Content tab.


Once you are partnered with a brand, you can peruse all the products you can promote. This option will not appear if you do not have access to any product catalogs.


If your partnered brands have added any flexi ads or widgets that can help you, they can be found here. This option will not appear if you do not have access to any flexi ads or widgets.


This shows the current balance of your account. If selected, a drop-down menu will appear with options to take you to finance-related screens, like the Bank Account settings screen.

Left navigation bar

The left navigation bar is where you'll find easily accessible widgets, access your account settings, and more.

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Search for a specific screen or brand using Impact's Global Search tool.


See any account notifications and set account notification settings.

Get a Link

Quickly retrieve a vanity tracking link for a specific brand that you are partnered with.

API | Data Feeds

Access your Data Feed, API, or Event Notifications settings here. All of these screens can also be accessed from your Settings (which is accessed via the More Menu).

More Menu (Triple Dot Menu)

Update settings and see what's new in Impact from this menu.


View and edit your profile details, and sign out of Impact here.

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