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Create Vanity Links & QR Codes as a Partner

Vanity links are customizable short links that you can use in place of regular tracking links.

Active vanity link limits

You can have up to 5,000 active vanity links at any time. If you've reached the limit, be sure to delete vanity links that aren't active.

Create new vanity links

  1. From the Home screen, find the Create a Link widget on your Dashboard.

  2. Select the Brand you want to create a vanity link for from the drop-down menu.

  3. Optionally, enter a landing page(website URL) for where you want your vanity link to send anyone who clicks on it. If left blank, it will use the default landing page of the brand.

    • The URL must include a protocol (e.g., https://www.)

  4. Select Advanced if you want to add Sub IDs, a Shared ID, or a Promotional Property to the link.

  5. Properties that can be added to the vanity link include websites, social media apps, or mobile apps that were enabled and added to your Marketplace Profile.

  6. Select Create to create the vanity link.

  7. Once created, the shareable tracking link will be shown towards the bottom of the Create a Link widget. You can remove the text after the ( / ) and input your own letters (e.g., /acmeanvils).

  8. You can select the social media icons next to Share to share the link directly to Facebook or Twitter/X.

Promotional Properties and vanity links

Promotional Properties added to a vanity link are appended as query string parameters on the link.

Link creation error messages

You may experience the below error messages when creating or using a vanity link. Contact your partnered brand directly if any of the following errors occur.

Error Message

When it occurs

Invalid landing page domain

When you are not able to create the link in your dashboard, it will result in this error message.

The link you clicked on is malformed. Contact the editor of the originating page.

When you click on the link that was already created, it results in this error message.

The link you clicked on has expired. We apologize for any inconvenience.

When you click on the link that was already created, it results in this error message.

Add links to social media

Some social media platforms have restrictions and requirements when using promotional links. For example, YouTube requires you include the URL protocol (https:// for example) to the front of your link. Another example is Instagram, where you can't use links within a post.

You'll need to research how your platform of choice handles promoting with links. If you run into issues when promoting on social media, you'll need to troubleshoot the issue with that platform.

Create QR codes

  1. Follow the steps above to create a vanity link.

  2. Once created, select [QR Code] next to Share to generate a QR Code.

  3. Select Download to download the unique QR code for this vanity link.

    • highly recommends you download your QR Codes. Your codes are not saved on the platform once created.

Find specific landing page URLs or vanity links

You can filter for specific landing page URLs or vanity links as well as modify, copy or delete a vanity link, learn more here.

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