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Create & Get Tracking Links for Partners

In order to direct traffic to brands and generate revenue, media partners must place a tracking link to their media property. The tracking link is generated by to track all clicks and actions from partners. This unique tracking link can be placed on desired web pages, allowing assets to be shown on that page in the specified asset format. has created the feature for partners to easily generate tracking links, with the option to specify any sub IDs and shared ID.


The tracking link generator is available only if you are joined to at least one program (formerly campaign).

Locating the tracking link

This is a unique tracking code placed on your site to a link or image you have created.

  1. Log into your Dashboard.

  2. Look for the section Create a Link.


If you prefer an add-on to your web browser, download the deep-link plugin on your Chrome or Firefox browser. You can locate these in Content Ad Tools, under the section Browser Extensions. For more information, please refer to our Deeplink Plugin article.

Creating a link

  1. On the Dashboard, go to the Create a Link section.

  2. Select the program from the dropdown menu.

  3. Enter the landing page desired and select Create.

  4. Select Advanced to specify any desired sub IDs and shared ID (optional).

  5. Simply copy and paste to your site.


If you want other asset options from the brands you have partnered with, please send in a request by going to Content →  Requests.

Getting the tracking link for an ad

Follow these steps to get a tracking link for a specific asset.

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Content Assets.

  2. Find the specific asset for which you would like the tracking link.

  3. Select the option in order to reveal a pop-up modal to the right.

  4. Select Get Ad Code.

When an asset type is selected, a pop-up window appears providing all the relevant information at a glance. You will be provided with the information upon a link to view the landing page, if deep linking is enabled, landing page mobile-ready is enabled, etc.

The HTML and Iframe codes include the image or text link, in addition to the tracking link. Copy the desired code and place it on your site. Any customer that selects the image or text link will be redirected to the advertiser's landing page and the click will be tracked by

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