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Sub ID & Shared ID Parameters Explained for Partners

Tracking links can be customized with additional parameters that can be tracked by and reported to These are called Sub IDs and Shared IDs. These parameters are useful when using various creatives, multiple websites, working with sub-affiliates, or in the case when you need to send non-PII customer IDs when linking users to advertisers. Many of these use cases require these parameters to be appended to tracking links in order to track and report this information accurately.

How these parameters work

When a user clicks on an tracking link with Sub IDs (and/or a Shared ID) values appended, these parameters are captured by our tracking servers and stored. then correlates the click to the action. See the snippet below for an example of how these parameters are appended to a tracking link:         

In the example above, the name portion refers to the parameter name being passed through and reported by in reporting. See the table below for additional details on the example link.

The unique tracking domain provided by


Your Media Partner ID (MPID)


Assigned ID for the asset.


Assigned ID for the brand's campaign (view)

The example below is what a tracking link with a Sub ID would look like:         

In this example, the value test will be passed when the link is clicked.


Only the Sub IDs and Shared ID need to be customized—the rest of the tracking link is automatically created.

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