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Can more creators be added to the campaign once it has begun?

Yes.  You can continue recruiting creators until the campaign is closed.

Process Creator Campaign Applications

Can you make a campaign private?

There is no specific privacy setting, but you could restrict campaigns to certain creators or groups and send out invites to those creators or groups.

Create a Creator Campaign

When you reject a creator, do they receive a standard message?

Yes, they receive an email and in-app rejection notification.

Process Creator Campaign Applications

Is the payment process similar to that of's other program types?

Yes. A new Pay Per Task event type is used for creator payments and it goes through the exact same contracting, locking, and clearing steps.

Event types explained

Understand the Action Life Cycle & Finance

How will invoices show planned payouts for creators versus the other program types?

There isn’t anything different about the creator program payouts from typical partner commissions. Task payouts will appear as pending actions according to the immediate locking and clearing schedule defined in the contract.

Set Action Locking/Payment Scheduling Periods

Understand the Action Life Cycle & Finance

Will creator content be tracked on a content level, or only on a campaign level?

A piece of content submitted to complete a task is added to's database with metadata associated with the campaign. However, a creator may in some cases not use an affiliate link that they are including in the post, which means there won’t be any actions tracked for the content.

Will there be a unique link generated for each task's content item, or will the tracking links for the content all be the same tracking link?

Creators can generate tracking links for campaign-related content from their task manager as part of the task and track performance like clicks and actions against it.


You have to enable tracking when creating a campaign before creators can generate tracking links.

Create a / creator campaign

Are you required to use tracking links if you are paying flat fees and getting insights from social platforms?

No, you aren't required to use tracking links. gets social insights per post like shares, likes, engagements, comments, etc. without using links. You'll need to use links or promo codes to track performance. It is possible to track performance even if there is no associated payout for the campaign. So, if you're doing flat fees only you could still use links to track performance.

Performance by Campaign Report

Performance by Social Platform Report

Advanced Action Listing Report

Will the template terms in the / creator portal have the same functionality as the main program template terms?

Yes, if you have a sale event type you get the same functionality as other affiliate programs (though still restricted by edition). However, you can't set up payout groups and the like for PayPerTask event types.

Learn about Template Terms & Contracts

Do I need to use a template term if I’m only paying flat fees as compensation (no CPA)?

Yes, a template term is always required to create a relationship with creators regardless of the campaign compensation type.

Learn about Template Terms & Contracts

Create Template Terms

When are payments generated? Do creators get paid automatically when they complete their tasks?

Creators are not paid automatically when they complete their tasks. Payments are only generated when you click the Pay button on a per-creator basis - the exact payment date after that is determined by the locking and clearing schedule you have specified in your template terms.

Manage Creator Campaign Payments

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