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Configure a Creator Campaign

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Campaign Manager → Creator.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, select Create Campaign.

  3. On the Create Campaign screen, complete each section of the checklist.

    • Select Next to access the next steps of the checklist.

    Campaign Overview

    Field name



    Name your campaign using 100 characters or less.

    • Recommended: Share your love for organic beauty with Acme's giveaway!

    • Not recommended: Acme campaign.


    Describe your campaign. This description will be visible to creators, be sure to include engaging copy.

    Cover Image

    Upload a suitable cover image in .JPG, JPEG, or .PNG format for your campaign.


    Select angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu] to choose your campaign goal.

    E.g., Product Launch.


    Set the total amount you want to spend on your campaign. If this campaign compensates with product gifting only, set your budget to zero.

    The set budget is not a commitment or limit and you can spend less than or exceed your budget.

    Desired creator hire count

    Specify the total number of influencers you want to hire for your campaign.

    The set influencer count is not a commitment or limit. You can use the count as a guideline to meet hiring goals.


    Select angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu] to choose your campaign categories. E.g., Travel.

    You can find campaigns by searching and filtering by category. A campaign may have multiple categories.

    Campaign Community Manager

    Assign your campaign to an account user responsible for this campaign.

    Other account users can still interact with a campaign.

    Eligibility and Compensation

    Field name & description

    Who is eligible for this campaign?

    Specify which creators you want to work with:

    • My joined creators: Work with any of your joined creators.

    • Creators who match specific demographic or audience criteria: Toggle between Personal or Audience filter options to make the campaign available to creators who match the demographic or audience criteria that you set.

      Personal filter reference




      Specify where the creator should be based geographically.


      Specify the creator's gender.


      Specify the creator's age group.


      Specify the creator's ethnicity.

      Household Income

      Specify creator's household income range.

      Relationship Status

      Specify the creator's marital or relationship status.

      Parental Status

      Specify the creator's parental status.


      Specify the creator's level of education.

      Audience filter reference




      Specify the amount of followers the creator has for each social channel.

      Average Reach

      Specify the amount of unique users who see the creator's content for each social channel.

      Average Engagement %

      Specify the creator's engagement rate for each social channel.

      Audience Age

      Specify what percentage of the creator's audience falls under your target age group.

      Audience Gender

      Specify what percentage of the creator's audience falls under your target gender group.

      Audience Location

      Specify what percentage of the creator's audience falls under your target country.

      Note: The number of creator matches found for your selected filters is capped at 10k on the UI display, but the actual number may be much higher.

    • Joined creators from my groups: Make the campaign available to creators from your created groups. E.g., TikTok or Finance.

    • All marketplace creators and my joined creators: Make the campaign available to all creators in the marketplace and those who are joined to your program.

    Who we're looking for

    Describe the type of creator with whom you want to work.

    Application requirements

    Optionally, select check-square-solid__2_.svg [Checkbox] to require creators to motivate why they want to work on this campaign when applying.


    You can reward partners a fixed amount, based on their performance, or with gifts. These compensation methods can also be combined.

    Flat fee

    Reward creators with a fixed payment amount for completing campaign tasks.

    dot-circle-regular.svg Creator bids

    Allow the creator to suggest a flat fee rate. You can review applications and accept or reject bids at your discretion.

    dot-circle-regular.svg I define

    Set the flat fee rate.

    • Optionally, allow creators to negotiate the rate.


    The performance-based payment option rewards partners for driving traffic that results in conversions (online sales).

    dot-circle-regular.svg Pay joined creators' existing payout rates...

    Use this option to leverage your existing public template terms and contracts.

    dot-circle-regular.svg Pay a specific payout rate for this campaign

    Use this option to create a custom performance-based payout for this campaign without needing to change existing terms or contracts.

    • Use a percentage/fixed payout of <amount> per order/per item

    Product gifting

    Select this option to offer products that you specify as gifts to creators for completing campaign tasks.

    1. Enter the number of free products offered for the campaign.

    2. Enter details like which products are available to be redeemed for completing tasks. Include any redemption restrictions and promo codes to redeem.

    Content Rights

    Field name


    Usage Rights

    Optionally, toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] to request specific usage rights for all content generated for this campaign.

    Usage rights include:

    • Organic social reposting on brand's owned and operated channels

    • Paid social rights (paid retargeting from brand's handle)

    • Paid amplification via Meta Partnership Ads and TikTok Spark Ads

    • Organic + paid social rights (paid retargeting from brand via Meta Partnership Ads and TikTok Spark Ads)

    • Full digital usage rights (including paid social, digital banner ads and email marketing)

    • Full digital usage rights and out of home / point of sale usage rights

    • Other (Specify other usage rights in the text box)

    Start Date

    Specify the trigger that signifies the start of usage rights for the campaign content:

    • When content is published/goes live

    • When the final assets are delivered


    Specify the period of time you will have usage rights on the content for this campaign.

    • Optionally, Allow creators to negotiate start date and duration of the content usage rights.

    • Optionally, Allow creators to negotiate usage rights, that is, the type of usage rights.


    Optionally, toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] to restrict creators from working with any competitors for a specific timeframe.

    • Optionally, Allow creators to negotiate this exclusivity clause.

    Brand Access

    Optionally, toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] and specify dates for which you want access to your hired creators' content.

    • Optionally, Allow creators to negotiate this brand access clause.

    Spark Ads Authorization

    Optionally, toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] and specify dates for which you want access to your hired creators' TikTok content.

    • Optionally, Allow creators to negotiate this clause.

    Learn more about TikTok Spark Ads external-link-alt-solid.svg or see's article on on how to Boost Creator Content with TikTok Spark Ads.


    Field name & description

    Task Timeline

    Optionally, toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] to specify dates for:

    • Draft deadline

    • Post window

    • Metrics deadline (Specify the date when the final deliverable’s metrics are due. This only applies to rare scenarios where the creators' social accounts aren't connected to

    Note: If you disable the task timeline, creators can keep participating in your campaign and submit content until you end it.


    Select a task and define the task specifications for creators to complete by the deadline in order to be paid.

    Add a task
    1. Select angle-down-solid.svg [Drop-down menu] to specify a platform.

    2. Complete the information associated with each task. E.g., content type, and detailed instructions.

    3. Select the checkboxes to further define the task:

      • Require draft approval: Select this option if you want to review a creator's post before they post it.

      • Require link in bio: Creators are required to add a link in the profile section of their social media page.

      • Recurring task: This option applies when creators post on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence without specific due dates. You can specify the number of repeats and the duration for your selected cadence. E.g., Weekly tasks that repeat every 5 weeks.

    4. Select plus-circle-solid__1_.svg [Add Task] to add more tasks to the brief.

    5. Optionally, Allow creators to negotiate their tasks.

    Task types and examples


    Publish a 3-frame story on Instagram that requires draft approval, and include a link in your bio to our product for 24 hours.


    Publish a Facebook reel that requires draft approval post and tag {Company name} in the post.


    Upload an idea pin using one of the provided images and add a link to the description.


    Include a 10-second insert in your video mentioning {product name} and add a link in the description.


    Include a 5-second insert in your broadcast to mention {product name} and include a link in the description.


    Include a 5-second outro in your video to mention {product name} and include a handle and hashtag in your description.


    Create a snap and add it to your story.

    Create offline content

    Create a video using <product> for television commercial purposes.

    Publish in Podcast

    Include a 30-second excerpt in your podcast episode that mentions <product name>.

    Publish to Email List

    Include a link to our online store in your monthly email newsletter.

    Attend an Event

    Attend the yearly summer festival and promote some of our product samples.


    Publish a product unboxing video to any of your social media platforms.

    Custom Task

    Attend a movie premier and create an Instagram story with 10 frames.

    Content Guidelines

    Specify any special instructions or guidelines for the creator's content. E.g., No other logos should be visible.

    Handles to Use

    Optionally, specify any handles creators should tag in their content.

    Hashtags to Use

    Optionally, specify any hashtags creators should use in their content.


    Optionally, upload up to 10 images of example content, or images that would act as inspiration for the creators.

    Only JPEG, JPG, and PNG file formats are supported. The maximum file size is 2.7MB.

    Additional documents

    Optionally, add up to 5 documents with additional information about the campaign. Select check-square-solid__2_.svg [Checkbox] Restrict visibility to hired creators only to restrict these files to hired creators. Leave this box unchecked if you want prospective creators to see the files.

    PDF, PPTX, PPT, DOC, DOCX, TXT, XLS, XLSX, HTML, HTM, ODT, ODS, PNG, JPG, and JPEG file formats are supported. The maximum file size is 2.7MB.

    • Optionally, toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] Click and conversion tracking if you are using performance-based compensation for this campaign. When creators generate their tracking links, you can specify the page(s) to which they will drive traffic or you can have them drive traffic to any page on your website that they choose.

      • Creators drive traffic to landing pages they choose

      • Creators drive traffic to specific landing pages I choose (This option enables you to add multiple specific landing pages.)

      • Creators drive traffic to my program's default landing page (This option allows you to use your regular program defaults for creator campaign-related links.)


    Review the campaign details specified in the previous sections to see if you're happy with the outcome.

  4. Once you're done reviewing the campaign, you can Publish or Save as draft.

    • Publish: The campaign is live and creators can apply immediately.

    • Save as draft: The campaign is not live; you can edit and publish the campaign at a later stage.


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