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Getting Started for Starter Edition Brands

Before launching your program, ensure you’ve completed the onboarding checklist and that the initial pre-funding of $50 is available in your account wallet.


Learn more about what to expect when signing up with Starter Edition and the costs involved by referring to Starter Edition Billing

Step 1: Review and activate your product catalog feed

If you have a product catalog on an e-commerce site, you can configure a catalog. Turn on product catalogs for your program.

Step 2: Make your products easily accessible to partners

Create a storefront by adding product collections, like best sellers, items on sale, seasonal products, etc. Here, you can showcase various products in different categories for partners to promote.

Step 3: Onboard existing partners to your program

Add different types of partners (like affiliates, influencers, or content publishers that you’ve already worked with) to your program. You can do this by adding them to any existing template terms in multiple ways:

Step 4: Turn your website into a partner recruitment tool

Customize your direct partner signup page and add the signup link to your website for interested partners to easily join your program.

Step 5: Review new partner applications

When you review new partner applications, you can interact with them via direct message, view their media properties and statistics, and accept applications that are a good fit.

Step 6: Create and assign promo codes to partners

Provide partners with promo codes to track and credit them for any actions they drive.

Step 7: Create and upload multiple ad types

Create and upload multiple ad types that will help your partners create excitement and visibility for your brand.

Step 8: Recruit and onboard new partners to your program

Now that you’ve got a variety of promotional material, partners can promote your brand. Next, you’ll have to reach out to suitable partners and onboard them. The quickest way to get partners onboarded into your program is to recruit them via a direct signup link and SEO search.

Take this full-length course to get some assistance with recruiting partners.

Step 9: Engage with your partners

Ensure that your partners are kept up-to-date with your latest products, promotions, and content by interacting with them via email and in-app newsletters or using the Messages option.

Step 10: Create a promotional partner one-sheet

Develop a Program One-Sheet that provides baseline commission rates, and areas of opportunity for the partner (promo codes, paid placements, etc.).

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