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Welcome to the Partnership Life Cycle

Now that your onboarding is complete and your partnerships program has officially launched, it's time to make your program as attractive as possible to the partners you'd like to recruit.

Completing the checklist below will not only prevent unexpected issues from occurring but will also ensure your partners have a positive experience. This is vital, as you want them to have all the information they need to hit the ground running.


Checklist for success

Before you dive into the first phase of the partnership life cycle—Discover and Recruit—you should also complete this checklist to set yourself up for success.

  • Take the user interface (UI) tour to learn everything you need to know about's user interface.

  • Set up your marketplace listing and make it visible so partner can find and apply to your program.

  • Review your template terms one more time. Since these terms will become your contracts with partners as they join your program, they should reflect your desired commission structure, terms and conditions, action locking date, and payout schedule are exactly how you want them. If you haven't already, alert your finance team to the terms as well.

  • Configure your platform notifications so you can receive important updates about payments, incremental fees, fraud, performance, and reporting.

    • You might also want to set up custom notifications to receive alerts when specific criteria are met.

  • Fund your account. recommends pre-funding your account, which will ensure you have sufficient funds for partner payouts and fees.

  • Double-check that the finance contact(s) you listed in your finance settings are correct. Users listed here will receive messages for invoicing and funding requirements.

  • Check that your account branding and program branding is accurate and complete.

  • Add a variety of marketing content for your partners to use, like banner ads, text links, promo codes, and product catalogs. Provide a healthy variety of content so they can select what will best suit their platform and their audience.

    • If you have mobile ads, make sure they're correctly set up for both iOS and Android devices.

  • Verify that your program's tracking integration is working. You already validated and tested your tracking during onboarding, but keep a close eye on your performance reports to verify that events are being tracked as expected.

Additional resources

The following list includes all of the help center articles linked in the section above. Use this list when you know exactly which article can help solve an issue you're experiencing.

Need additional help?

Look for the blue question-circle-solid.svg [Help] button in the bottom-right corner of your Dashboard to live chat with a product specialist (or create a support ticket).

Next Step: Discover and Recruit Partners

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