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How Funds Leave Your Digital Wallet

There are a handful of reasons why funds can leave your digital wallet:

  • To settle subscription fees (via the invoice)

  • To settle partner payouts (via the partner invoice)

  • To pay partners for reasons outside a contract (via a partner funds transfer)

    • These reasons might include paying bonuses, make-goods to partners, or ad placements. These types of payments immediately debit your digital wallet.

In what order do my invoices get settled?

Should you fund your account and have both invoices and partner invoices due — they clear in the following order:

  1. Overdue invoices

  2. Overdue partner invoices

    • These will be settled from the greatest amount due to the lowest amount.

First: Overdue invoices

First, any overdue invoices must be settled before funds can begin to settle partner invoices.

Second: Overdue partner invoices

When all of your invoices are settled, funds will be directed to begin settling partner invoices. Overdue partner invoices will need to be settled first and will be settled from the greatest amount owed to a partner to the lowest amount due. If you have more than one overdue invoice owed to a partner, the full amount due across all those invoices will be combined to determine when that partner will be paid.

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