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How Funds Enter Your Digital Wallet

Funds can enter your wallet in 2 ways: via deposits and via make-goods from partners. The more common way is to deposit funds into your account. The less common way is to receive a make-good from partners joined to your account's program.

Deposit funds into your account

There are 4 ways to deposit funds into your account, listed in the table below. Learn more about depositing funds into your account.


Processing Time



Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via ACH, Giro, Direct entry

3–5 business days after initiating the deposit

Free recommends using EFTs over all other methods.

Wire Transfer

24–48 hours after initiating the deposit


Credit Card

Immediately credited to your account. Amount deposited is added to your next invoice.

USD $3.50 per USD $100 deposited.

The fee is assessed for every USD $100 deposited (e.g., a USD $200 deposit would invoke a fee of USD $3.50 × 2 = USD $7).

Only accounts with USD, GBP, or EUR as the currency can use this method.

Direct Deposit

Immediately credited to your account. 3–5 business days to reflect in your own bank account.


You can set up automatic payments after your first successful direct deposit.

If the payment bounces or gets canceled, your account will be debited with the same amount deposited.

* While doesn't charge a fee, you may incur charges from your bank for wire transfers.

Receive make-goods from partners

Make-goods are a way for your partners to pay you back any funds they shouldn't have received. This usually occurs when a partner receives a payout for actions that should have been modified to have a smaller payout or reversed altogether. To prevent make-goods from being a common occurrence in your program, unify your contract payment processing periods.

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