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Why do I have an Overdue Amount Due?

An Overdue Amount warning in your account indicates that your digital wallet had insufficient funds to cover all of your commissions (or service fees) due.

Each month, generates two (2) types of invoices in your account:

  • An Impact Invoice document is generated within your account each month, itemizing your costs for the using platform and technology.

  • Partner Invoice documents, which itemize your action costs and the commissions that are due to your partners.

It’s important to view both of these documents each month and deposit funds into your digital wallet accordingly.


Amounts due in Impact Invoice documents are always prioritized over all other documents — meaning when you deposit funds into your digital wallet, they are always applied to the amount due for using our platform and services, then your remaining balance is applied to your commissions due.


Your funding document indicates the amount of funding you’ll need for partner commissions is $1,234.56. Your Impact Invoice generated on the first of month indicates that $500 is also due for using our platform and services.

When you deposit $1,234.56 into your account, we automatically apply $500 of the deposit to the Impact Invoice, meaning your digital wallet now has a balance of $734.56. These remaining funds are dispersed to your partners, however, since your commissions due is larger than your balance, you now have overdue commission amounts to your partners.

You’ll receive a notification detailing the total of overdue amounts, which you can deposit immediately in your digital wallet. For the next cycle, you can make sure to view your Impact Invoice document to account for this amount when funding your account.

View your Impact Invoices

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu]→ Finance.

  2. In the left navigation menu, select Documents → Impact Invoices.

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