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Funnel Performance Report

The Funnel Performance Report displays the number of conversions (based on the referral date) for each funnel level you have assigned to your event types. This report helps to monitor drop-offs in a conversion path and does not account for reversals.

Manage the report

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Reports → More Reports.

  2. Under More Reports, select Performance as the filter next to the search bar.

  3. Select Funnel Performance.

  4. Below Funnel Performance, you can filter for the data you want to view. Select search-solid.svg [Search] when you have the filters in place that you want.

    • View the Filter reference table below for more information.

    • You can use the icons at the top-right of the page to icon-pinLeft.svg pin, icon-email__vdf9ae08.svg schedule, icon-download.svg download (in PDF, Excel, or CSV format).


Access the report data

The report data in the data table provides you with different performance data points displayed in a column view. This view provides a detailed set of comparable numbers over the selected date range.

  1. Refer to the Report data column reference below for more information on the columns found in the data table.

  2. Add or remove columns from the report table using the columns-solid__1_.svg [Columns] icon at the top-right of the report.

Filter reference



Date Range

Filter data by when it was created.


Filter by data source.


Select the partners for which you want to view data.

Report data column reference



Partner ID

The unique identifier for the partner's account.


The partners involved in the tracked event.


The total number of link clicks that took the partners' audience to your landing page.

Event Type

This is the total number of events generated by a specific partner for a brand.

Select this number to get more granular details about the events.

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