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Schedule a Custom Report

The following steps will guide you through scheduling a custom report for a specific date or regular intervals:

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Reports → More Reports.

  2. Find and select your custom report.

    • If you pinned the report, select Reports → Custom → your custom report.

  3. In the top-right corner, select [Schedule].

  4. Set how frequently the report should be sent using the Frequency section.

    • Custom reports can be sent Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

  5. Select what Format in which the report should be sent.

    • Custom reports can be sent as a PDF, CSV with Meta Data, or CSV without Meta Data.


    When opting to schedule a CSV without metadata, the downloaded ZIP file will not have the metadata.json file included.

  6. Pick whether the report should be delivered via Email or Partner FTP.

    • Specify if should still Send if report has no data.

  7. Enter the requested information for the delivery method you selected in Step 5.

    • Learn more about delivery types from the Delivery method reference section of the Scheduled Reports article.

  8. Select Schedule.

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