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Net 30 (PRF) Funding Strategy



The Net 30 (PRF) funding strategy relies on you to pre-fund your account according to projections made in the Payment Request Form (PRF). This document is generated prior to actions locking, so it may not perfectly reflect what you owe if you have an aggressive action modification/reversal policy.

Key characteristics

  • Optimal for action locking periods shorter than 30 days

  • Best for funding your account before actions lock

  • Allows you to aggressively provide bonuses and financial incentives to partners

  • Relies on cost projections instead of finalized, invoiced financial obligations

Necessary financial documents and settings

Strategy in action

Let's use the following Schedule data from a template term as an example:

  • Action Locking: Actions are locked 1 month and 0 days after the end of the month they are tracked.

  • Payout Scheduling: Actions are paid 0 days after the end of the day they lock.

So what does this look like in practice?

  1. Let's say your partners drive actions in the month of January. By the end of the month, all actions that occurred in January remain in a pending state.

  2. On 01 February, generates a Payment Request Form that forecasts the amount your digital wallet needs for payouts in the next 30 days, which would include payouts for all of the pending actions from January. You'll fund your digital wallet with the amount forecasted by this document by the specified due date.

  3. Throughout the month of February, those actions from January remain pending, which gives you time to modify or reverse any of them (like if an order is returned).

  4. If you end up reversing or modifying actions and the total payout lands below the amount you already funded (back in step 2), your extra funds will stay in your digital wallet.

  5. On the last day of February, those actions from January will lock and be paid out at 00:00 (Midnight) on 01 March.

Want to change your funding strategy?

Reach out to your CSM (or contact support) to talk with about changing your funding strategy. This may affect any active contracts you have with partners, and you may need to update template terms. Work with your support agents to make sure all relevant financial details are up-to-date with the funding strategy you want to use.

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